Written By hair burst - November 26 2014


Lucy Ince
June 02 2015

I use essential oils all the time, especially in my water diffusers. I think I may add a couple of drops of essential oil to my coconut oil when I have a weekly hair mask. Do you think if I added some essential oils and water into a spritz bottle and sprayed in on my hair after washing or after drying would be a good way of using it? Imagine the smell! Might be like a leave in condition, heat protector or add shine

March 24 2015

1. Yes, heating irons and such kill the porietn in your hair. This mix will put the porietn back into your hair.2. I usually leave it in for 2-4? hours.3. I do this every other week.4. The general mix is pretty cold, so just blow dry it until it doesn’t feel so cold on your head. It generally doesn’t cook as long as you have a layer of plastic and a bandanna over, I hope this helps ya

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