Our hair growth bundles are the perfect way to improve your hair growth results. Our users report increases in hair health and growth when using our products in combination. You also make a saving when both items are purchased together.

Hairburst vitamins are designed to optimise hair growth and help you achieve your healthiest hair possible. We target the underlying causes that compromise hair growth in our daily lives, by formulating proven and safe products that can easily fit in to your daily routine and help to keep hair in the ‘growth phase’ for as long as possible. The formulation is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  

Hairburst Shampoo & Conditioner contain over 95% natural ingredients; including Panthenol, which helps to thicken hair and Hydrolysed Wheat Proteins which strengthen and plump hair and reduce breakage, for hair that stays long and strong whilst appearing thicker.

  • Hair Growth
    Biotin, Zinc and Selenium all contribute to healthy hair and skin.
  • Hair Quality
    Improvements in strength, shine, density, manageability and softness.
  • Free From
    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Paraben and Silicone free, our Shampoo & Conditioner are perfectly safe for daily use.

Vitamin Key Ingredients


Found in all of the Hairburst Vitamin products, Biotin is an essential vitamin required by the body. Deficiency in this ‘B vitamin', can lead to thinning hair. Biotin helps to maintain healthy hair.


An essential mineral found in all of the Hairburst Vitamin products, Zinc plays an important role in cell growth and repair, including those in your hair. It also keeps the oil glands around the hair follicles working correctly. Deficiency in Zinc, can lead to thinning hair.


Helps to reduce and slow down the greying process, Copper maintains healthy hair pigmentation which means colour pigment in your hair lasts for longer.

Folic Acid/ Vitamin B9

Helps the body form healthy red blood cells and is very important for the development of a healthy foetus.

B12 Methylcobalamin

An important vitamin in Pregnancy for you and your growing baby, B12 plays a role in the functioning of your nervous system, deficiency in this vitamin can also cause fatigue.

How does it work?

All of our products have been specially forumulated to encourage and improve your hair growth and quality, combatting the daily disruptive factors which can affect your hair and it’s growth phase.

Helps to improve
Fine or thinning hair
Dry/Brittle Hair
Hair that won’t grow past a certain point
Tiredness and fatigue
How to use?

Take one capsule. Once per day. We recommend taking alongside food for better absorption.

Be persistent. We recommend taking our vitamins for a minimum of 3 months before asessing your results. Remember everyone’s hair and goals are different and some may notice improvements after juast a few weeks, but others will be longer. Remember to take progress pictures to monitor your own personal hair growth journey.

New Mum’s Vitamins are...
Safe levels
of Biotin
Dairy Free
GMO Free
Gluten Free
Cruelty Free
Halal Certified

Shampoo Key Ingredients

Hydrolysed Wheat

These proteins strengthen and repair weak hair, meaning it will break less easily and in turn, grow longer, this ingredient also adds shine and the appearance of thicker hair through moisture retention in each strand. This is found in our Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir products.

Amino Acids

Did you know, the Hairburst Shampoo contains 9 different amino acids! Amino acids can also strengthen and moisturise the hair because of their water-attracting habit. It helps damaged hair improve its surface and strength, resulting in smoother strands that break less.


A derivative of Vitamin B5 and a humectant, means it helps retain water and moisturises hair strands. it is capable of penetrating the cuticle and entering the hair shaft where it aids in moisture retention and provides volume.

How does it work?

The Hairburst Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated with Panthenol which retains water and helps to improve the appearance, feel and body of hair. Hydrolysed Wheat Proteins which help to provide the appearance of protected hair by bringing together split ends and Amino Acids which promote healthier looking hair by improving the hair's ability to attract moisture where damage may have occurred through external stressors, such as heat and styling. Overall, hair will look healthier, and stronger, and break less, meaning it can grow longer.

Helps to improve
Limp & Fine Hair
How to use?

Brushing your hair before taking a shower helps to undo any tangles and makes the washing process easier, this also reduces breakage. Remember to use a wide tooth comb to lose less hairs in the shower. After you have washed and conditioned your hair, remember to rinse it with cold water to give the effect of shiny hair. Shampoo works best on soaking wet hair and conditioner works best on gently squeezed-out hair.

Top Tips

Always completely rinse out shampoo before you condition to avoid the appearance of greasy hair

Use a wide tooth comb to lose less hairs in the shower

After washing with shampoo & conditioner, rinse with cold water for shiny hair

Hairburst Shampoo & Conditioner are:
Silicone Free
Cruelty Free
Over 95%
Coconut &
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