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Buy any 3 month supply of vitamins on subscription and save 33% - PLUS get a FREE full size Hairburst product worth at least £24.99 with every subscription delivery!

Get a FREE Mystery Full Size Product with every box.

You will get a free full-sized Hairburst product with every subscription delivery, every three months.

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*The surprise gift is worth a minimum of £24.99, and is from the Hairburst Cosmetic Collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & Conditions

Hairburst Insider subscription model is based on an upfront commitment to 6 months (two boxes) with auto-renewal every 3 months thereafter. You will be charged on the date your box is due. So if you sign up today, you will pay for one box now, then your second box in 3 months time. After this point you can cancel your subscription at any time. If we do not receive payment (for example the card is declined or expired), then we will not ship your order. You can cancel your subscription fuss-free at any time. However, if the HB Insider box has already been shipped for the month then the usual returns and refund policies apply and we may not be able to process your cancellation if the box has already shipped.

- Depending on the vitamin purchased, the quarterly cost of the HB Insider subscription box is between £40 and £77. You will receive your first HB Insider box within 1-2 working days of purchasing.

- Your next payment will be taken automatically 3 months thereafter (e.g. if you place your first order on 1st January then the first payment will leave your account on 1st January. Your next payment will be taken on 1st April and your next HB Insider subscription box will be shipped and delivered within 7 days of that payment date).

- You’re subscription will be auto-renewed quarterly (every three months).

- You can opt out of auto-renewal and cancel your following quarter at any point online in your account, or in person by contacting the team only AFTER the first 6 month period (or two boxes have been received).

- You must cancel your subscription before the following quarter’s box is shipped (you will get a notification when this is due).

- Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount codes or promos (e.g. buy one get one free sale)

How often will I get charged?

You will be billed every three months, from the date of your first purchase.

How long do I have to sign up for?

The minimum subscription we offer is for 6 months, or two boxes. These will be delivered and charged quarterly. After this point, the subscription will continue rolling each quarter automatically, unless you opt out or cancel.

Should I subscribe or pay for items individually?

You can still purchase all our products individually through our store. However, the subscription box offers huge savings. Based on a purchase of the Original vitamins with the free gift, the RRP on our store would be at least £107.49, but through the subscription offer you are getting all the same great products for just £55!

How much do I save by subscribing?

Depending on the products you receive you can expect to save up to 50% on RRP of products.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription any time after your second box arrives. You can do this by contacting the team, or by logging into your account online and making changes in there. You MUST cancel your subscription before that month’s box has been shipped, otherwise we can’t guarantee that we can process the cancellation

When will I receive my boxes?

You will receive your first box between 1-5 working days after you placed your first order. Your next box will be automatically shipped and charged on the same day but three months later. For example, if you bought your first box on January 1st, then your second box will be sent on 1st April, your third box on 1st August and so on.

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