Find out below, the science behind hair loss and how Hairburst products have been specially formulated to combat this…

What causes hair loss?

To put it simply, hair loss is caused by a disruption in the hair growth cycle, causing hair to move out of the growth phase and on to the transitional and shedding phase. 

The hair growth cycle occurs naturally but disruptors such as heated styling tools, poor nutrition, stress, and allergens can all have a detrimental affect on the amount of time hair stays in the growth phase. 

Ageing and genetics do also have a part to play in hair loss, and although these are not things we can control, we can still support hair with products to make sure it stays as healthy as possible when faced with these factors. 

How does Hairburst promote hair growth?

Hairburst products are all scientifically formulated using premium and mostly natural ingredients. The powerful combination of these ingredients produces formulas that work to help support hair simply, affordably but most of all effectively.

Our vitamin products support your hair from the inside-out. Containing key ingredients for hair health such as Biotin and Zinc alongside essential vitamins and minerals, they encourage healthy hair growth from within by supporting nutritional deficiencies that could be disrupting the hair growth cycle. If your body isn’t supported nutritionally or in a healthy condition, then the environment is not supporting optimum healthy hair growth.

Our cosmetic products work topically, targeting the scalp to support growth, and the rest of the hair, encouraging strength, volume and thickness, meaning that hair looks healthier, shinier and breaks less and in turn can grow longer and look the best it can. 
The cosmetic products include proven and safe active ingredients such as Pea Sprout Extract, Red Clover Extract, Hydrolysed Wheat Proteins and Amino Acids, that have been shown to support thicker hair and improved growth.

Results should be observed only after 90 days use of our products. 

Will it work for me?

We have helped thousands of customers worldwide to achieve their healthiest, longest hair possible. We receive positive daily feedback from customers who struggle with thinning, weak, dry and unhealthy looking hair that doesn’t seem to grow past a certain point. Our feedback is supported by conclusive positive results received from our consumer trials. 

We are confident that using the correct selection of products and combining topical and oral supplements together will help you to combat your hair concerns and achieve healthier, longer, stronger looking hair. 
All of the results you see on our social media channels and website are completely genuine. Real results can be discovered below. 

What Our Customers Say...

Real customers, real reviews


“My hair growth went from 1 inch every 2+ months, to 1 inch every month. I can ensure you that the results are promising for hair and nail growth.”


“Absolutely LOVING your lash & brow enhancer! It works miracles. I’ve been using it for just over a month. It’s a blessing. Thank you so much!”


“I've had these for a few months and it’s done amazing for my hair, I lost my hair a year ago due to stress and its grown back and feels so much healthier.”

All our vitamins are:

Gluten free

Premium/ Natural Ingredients

GMO free

All our cosmetic products are:

SLS, Paraben & Silicone- free


Natural Ingredients

Cruelty free

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