How to use

A daily routine that will work for you! Take two vitamins, once a day. We recommend taking alongside breakfast. With your 2-in-1, use daily. Lather and rinse. You know the drill. It cleans hair without stripping important natural oils, hydrating and conditioning enough for every day use, suitable for all hair types. Your scalp roller should be used on dry hair for 15 minutes, 3 times a week. Roll over the scalp and hairline, in the direction of the hair, using light pressure.

How does it work

All the products in the bundle are designed with the goal of combatting the daily disruptive factors which effect hair growth and quality.

Our vitamins work from the inside out and contain a unique blend that encourage and improve your hair growth and quality. Biotin, Zinc and Selenium are essential for hair growth cycle maintenance.

The 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is formulated with Caffeine, amino acids and Vitamin B5. Working in combination to reduce hair loss, improve hair loss, increase blood flow to the scalp and make hair appear thicker. It has the added benefit of also being an anti-dandruff.

Containing Pea Sprout Extract, Saw Palmetto, Nettle Extract, our density styling spray leaves hair looking visibly thicker from first use, a must-have!

Backed by science, the micro-needling scalp roller promotes collagen and cell regeneration by making tiny tears that induce the healing process resulting in thicker hair and growth.

Find out more about the science behind hair growth here.

Men's Vitamins, 2-in-1, Density Spray & Scalp Roller Bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can this be used?

This can be used every day, but we recommend using on towel-dried clean hair, so every time you wash your hair.

Is the scent a synthetic fragrance or natural?


What’s the difference between the originals and the men’s vitamins?

While they both contain a premium blend of vitamins and minerals and are formulated for healthy hair maintenance, our Healthy Hair Vitamins were formulated with women in mind and Hair Vitamins for Men with men, due to a few slightly different ingredients. Our Men’s vitamins additionally contain natural DHT blockers and extra amino acids and our Healthy Hair Vitamins for women contain Collagen and Hyaluronic acid, which the men’s do not.

Does this help if I’m bald?

Unfortunately, these can’t help to regrow hair lost from the effects of male pattern baldness, but they can help to maintain and support the existing hair to grow through thicker and of a better quality.

Can women take these? Are there any side effects?

Yes, they can, and they wouldn’t experience any side effects.

How does it help with hair growth?

First of all having a healthy and clean scalp environment for the hair to grow is essential. Amino Acids help to promote healthier looking hair by improving the hair's ability to attract moisture where damage may have occurred through external stressors, such as heat and styling. If your hair is in better condition it will shed and break less, and in turn grow through longer.

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