Containing naturally derived ingredients including Cloudberry, Nettle Extract, and Pea Sprout Extract, and with added heat, UV and pollution protection, the Hairburst Volume & Growth Elixir is suitable for all hair types and will leave hair longer, healthier and glossier looking.

The SLS and paraben-free formula is also vegan, cruelty-free and smells of avocado and coconut.

  • Protected Hair
    Protects hair from pollution, UV and heat while also detoxifying the hair.
  • Multifunctional
    Immediately improves shine, softness, manageability and volume of hair while offering long-term benefits of improved density and reduction in hair loss.
  • Free-From
    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Paraben and Silicones, it is perfectly safe for everyday use.

Key Ingredients

Pea Sprout Extract

This naturally derived is
high in phytonutrients.
Studies have shown that
this ingredient helps to
reduce hair loss, improve
density of hair and prolong
the life cycle of hair over

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein

A natural ingredient derived from
wheat germ with a low molecular
weight, which means they can easily
penetrate the hair shaft and absorb
into the inner fibres of the hair. They
have the ability to attract and retain
moisture in the hair which gives hair
added body, fullness, and lift.
Hydrolysed wheat proteins
essentially swell the hair shaft with
moisture to make it appear thicker
giving hair an overall fuller, shinier
and healthier appearance.

Amino Acids

Did you know, the Hairburst
Shampoo contains 9 different
amino acids! Amino acids can
also strengthen and
moisturise the hair because of
their water-attracting habit. It
helps damaged hair improve
its surface and strength,
resulting in smoother strands
that break less.


A derivative of Vitamin B5 and
a humectant, means it helps
retain water and moisturises
hair strands. it is capable of
penetrating the cuticle and
entering the hair shaft where
it aids in moisture retention
and provides volume.


These bond with the hair
protein structure, to deliver
volume, fullness & definition
to hair while smoothing hair to
assist with styling. Studies
show it provides volume and
root boost when used in hair
care applications like the
Volume & Growth Elixir.

How does it work?

A wonderful multitasker, the formula is enriched with a powerful combination of naturally derived actives, including Pea Sprout and Nettle Extracts, that have shown to reduce hair loss, improve hair growth and density with frequent application. Panthenol and Hydrolysed Wheat Proteins help hair to retain water, plumping the hair shaft. The addition of Polymers helps to provide the appearance of overall thicker hair with more volume. UV protectors shield the hair from sun damage and help to combat colour fade, leaving your hair looking healthy and vibrant.

Helps to improve
Damaged Hair
Hair Shedding
Limp & Fine Hair
Dull, lifeless hair
How to use?

After washing hair with the Hairburst Shampoo & Conditioner, spray liberally onto the roots and lengths of clean, damp hair. Blow-dry hair upside down for added lift and volume. Style hair as normal.

Top Tips

After washing your hair, spray liberally onto the roots and lengths of clean damp hair

Blow dry hair upside down for added lift and volume.

The more you use it the more benefits you will get.

Our Volume & Growth Elixir is:
Heat, UV & Pollution protection
Cruelty Free
SLS, Silicone &
Immediate &

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Join us and let’s fight malnutrition together.

Join us and let’s fight malnutrition together.

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